Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Friday Devotion

I was looking for information today on the First Friday Devotion, not realizing that the First Friday of June was last week. D'oh! I suppose I will be starting that in July instead. :)

Anyway, Happy to Be Catholic has a nice post here on the First Friday Devotion. I knew it involved going to Mass on consecutive First Fridays, but I didn't realize it was for nine whole months. I don't think I would have that much trouble going to Mass on the First Friday (one of the perks of being at Notre Dame). But the first week of a new month always seems to sneak up on me!

We live in a sad, cruel world. I think we could all stand to make some prayers of reparation. After the stories last year about the Eucharistic desecrations I used to pray in reparation nightly and sadly I've fallen out of that practice. I invite my readers to join me in the devotion of First Fridays.

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James Garrison said...

This is always something I have wanted to do as well. Unfortunately, like you, I have always found it difficult to string nine consecutive first Fridays together. Usually at least one of those Fridays falls when I am traveling, or the Parish I was counting on going to didn't have mass that day. It's gotten to the point where I've stopped counting or trying to remember.

Perhaps now I shall try again, I can't remember what happened on the first Friday of May, so I suppose my count is one. Good luck with this endeavor!