Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

Greetings to my readers (all two of you!) I hope you are having a pleasant Friday the 13th and avoiding bad luck. As you can see I've been staying very busy this semester. I've intended to post so many times (with regards to the flap over Bp. Williamson and media irresponsibility, as well as some particularly inane letters in the Observer) but my academic duties have sapped my blogging muse. I have a stack of about 100 lab reports to grade, and more on the way.

My husband and I have a quiet Valentine's Day planned. We are planning a weekend trip to Chicago at some later date as our "treat" to each other. Otherwise, we will be making homemade truffles and house-hunting. I have yet to come up with a tasty dinner idea for Valentine's Day - must get to work on that!

Also on Saturday is the Edith Stein Project at Notre Dame. There are some excellent talks on the schedule for this afternoon, but sadly my class schedule (and our weekly departmental seminar) prevent me from attending them. However, I am very much looking forward to the Saturday morning talk by Dr. Janet Smith. She is well known as a lecturer on Catholic sexual ethics and particularly on the topic of contraception. I will be sure to post about the talks I attend.