Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Done for the semester

Another semester down...whew. I got back from my Polymers exam about 15 minutes ago. It was pretty tough. I hope I can pull out at least a B. I'll need it with my abysmal grade in Cell Bio. Just got an email from my prof - I have an A- in Polymers! (And there was much rejoicing...yaaaaaaaaaay.)

Of course, this begs the question - how on earth did he grade that exam so fast? Did he even grade the exam? More to the point, do I really care since I have an A? :)

I would really like to go home and sleep, but I need to get a jump on the research I've been putting off for the past two weeks. Ah, the life of a grad student.


James Garrison said...

Congratulations! And now onto summer. I've always found summer to be a nice time, and after so many years of going to class and doing homework, focusing on research is a nice change.

Christina said...

I love summer, too. The whole reason I came to grad school was because I enjoyed my summer research experiences in undergrad so much. :) It was pretty depressing to get here and realize that I had at least two more years of taking classes ahead of me. Sigh.